This photo gallery is from the last days of Gamemasters on Quince.   Those of you who were there during the final week's gaming should remember these scenes. Some of the photos were a little fuzzy, but I think you can get the general feel for how fun it was. If you want to comment on a particular photo, please contact me via email at Ultramarine@grafstar.com and I'll be happy to add a caption.

Quite an impressive site. The last battle of the tourney pitted the forces of the Imperium against, well everyone else.
The view of the battlefield from the other end of the table. This was about six 8 foot long game tables placed end-to-end!
The Imperial Guard fiercly defend the giant Pepsi supply!
Do Ricardo's Space Wolves know who is lurking behind them?
The Eldar traverse some difficult terrain on their way to engage the Emperor's finest.
Jonathan's Ultramarines are looking for somebody to kill...hey, blue boys, look in that building...yeah, right there!
The Chaos Guard and Dark Eldar prepare for war!
The Hive Tyrant's paper wings were an awesome sight to behold! Is that the origami mutation?
Where the heck did this thing come from !?!
I think the IG's giant Pepsi supply is in serious trouble...
A detailed look at the clash of the Titans!


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